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Login to AdServerBX AdServer is a banner exchange system that provides continuous and stable publication of various banner solutions on the Internet and the related statistics gathering.

Banner system opportunities

  • Surround/ Anti-surround – the ability to display banners in different positions at the same time or to determine their display at different times.
  • Capping (setting the interval between displays for the period or day) – determines the frequency of banner display for a unique user.
  • Cyclicality – determines the order in which banners should be displayed to the user.
  • Targeting (interface language, gender, age, geolocation, specific type of device, IP) – defines the target audience for the banner display.
  • Supports any banner creative format – .IMG, .SWF, .HTML formats, as well as third-party banner serving and statistics tracking.
  • Each banner is optimized so that it would reach the user in a very short time.



  • Real time statistics. Impressions, clicks, unique clicks, unique impressions and CTR are calculated for each banner in the system.
  • Access to a detailed report about the audience (age, sex, language interface) that clicked on the banner.
  • Duplicate statistics records ensure that the statistics do not disappear.



  • The system is designed so that in the most shortest time it would be possible to implement new solutions, to adjust to the new trends in the Internet advertising industry.


Login to OMPThe OMP is online media campaign planning tool, which allows to plan and manage web media campaigns.


  • Independence and efficiency – allows to plan advertising activity and the efficient use of advertising resources.
  • Speed and flexibility – all that is needed for an effective advertising campaign, available in one place. Automatic and quick display of available free advertising spots in real time. Opportunity to change the reservation for unconfirmed campaigns at any time.
  • Save time and resources – no need to spend time on the request for information about available positions, decisions, etc. during planning.
  • Availability – the system is available 24/7, planning can be carried out at any moment and anywhere in the world.
  • Overview – user can receive a summary of realized and planned campaigns at any time.


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